Photobiomodulation Treatment Available Now!

of Photobiomodulation (PBM) for AMD

Photospectra Health Sciences Inc. is now offering the same treatment pioneered in the first clinical trial of Photobiomodulation (PBM) for AMD to patients commercially on an initial limited basis.

PBM is the application of a specific power and wavelength of light to damaged or compromised cells. This light dose improves the cellular metabolism of the cells and may increase their function.

In the first clinical trial of its type in North America Drs. Merry, Dotson, Devenyi, Markowitz and Reyes have shown benefits with improved visual acuity and contrast sensitivity (TORPA –

We are committed to proving with further clinical studies that PBM will be an important safe and effective treatment for dry AMD.

The proposed studies will be expensive and take several years to complete.

For this reason and because we understand what a devastating and progressive disease dry AMD can be we have decided to offer the treatment to patients who are interested in obtaining it as there are currently NO proven active treatments available.

The treatment is safe and the devices used in the treatment are approved for use by Health Canada and the FDA for other conditions.

Utilizing these devices for dry AMD is not proven but an “off label” use.

There are no guarantees that this treatment will improve your individual condition however the clinical trial and subsequent off label data results are extremely encouraging.

If you are interested in obtaining the treatment the first step will be a consultation with Dr Graham Merry– this will involve some specialized testing usually only performed in clinical studies.

Dr. Merry will discuss the treatment in detail with you; essentially it is completely comfortable, non invasive and only of several minutes duration each session.

If you are interested in going forward with the treatment you will be given a consent form to take home with you to read and if there are any questions these will be answered by Dr Merry before signing the consent form and undergoing the treatment.  (The consent form may also be obtained by downloading from our website). The treatment will take place according to the latest clinical trial treatment protocol. You will be followed with vision and OCT testing at intervals determined by Dr.Merry or your referring Eye care professional.

There is no difference in price for treating either one or both eyes.

There is an initial charge for the consultation and testing that is non-refundable if you are deemed not to be a candidate or don’t go through with the treatment.

The ideal candidate is any person diagnosed with DRY AMD.

If you have been treated for WET AMD in one eye and the other is DRY you can obtain the treatment for the DRY AMD EYE.


Please see the price list for details of the costs of treatment.

We have made every effort to provide this new treatment at an affordable and reasonable price.

The first treatment centre opened January 2011 in Barrie and a Toronto centre is now available. Please see below for the location details.

WISE Vision Centre Inc,

Eyes on Sheppard


Suite 101, The Atrium Building,
190 Cundles Rd. E,
Barrie, Ont., L4M 4S5, Canada

To arrange a consultation please email Dr. Graham Merry at [email protected] or call Mr. Tony Wise at 705 728 0800.

Please make sure you mention that you are interested in a “consultation for the Photospectra Treatment”. 

Photospectra is pleased to announce that the treatments are now available in Toronto. Dr. Kerry Salsberg has kindly allowed Dr. Merry to provide the treatments at his facility:

Eyes on Sheppard,
180 Sheppard Ave. E,
North York, Ontario,
M2N 3A4

To arrange the treatments in Toronto please contact Dr. Graham Merry at [email protected] or call Mr. Tony Wise at 705 728 0800.

We look forward to being involved with you in helping preserve and improve your vision.