Photospectra PBM Treatment

Please note: Initial consult and testing fee is payable at that visit and is non refundable if you are not a candidate for the treatment or decide not to undertake the treatment. This may be waived if you are referred by your Eye Care Professional with adequate documentation to decide on candidacy.

It is anticipated that any treatment benefit may start to recede after 6-12 months and re-treatment may be necessary to maintain any improvement in vision or drusen regression derived from the original treatment.

Pricing, 2017

Initial Consultation and testing for candidacy:$200
Treatment (9 sessions):$1500
Re-treatment (if required):$1500

Payment terms:

Payment can be made by Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard.

Payment is required in full for the treatment course at the first session.

This treatment is not covered by any provincial health insurance plan yet.
You are advised to check with your accountant as to whether all or part of the cost may be claimed as a medical expense for income tax purposes